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Customization Process


Custom Shape Rug

Wool Marbella - White, Grey, Black (2) -

Akara Original Reference - Wool Marbella















Customer wanted the rug to be made in circle shape. Final Circular shape rug made for the customer.



Custom Design, Shape and Color Rug

Customer's own Design, Color and Shape - PET Spear (Indoor-Outdoor Rug)












Customer wanted the rug to be made as per their own Design, Color and Shape. Strike off made for the customer as per their requirement to review.


Pet Spear - Strike-off.JPG

CAD send to customer with their specified measurements , color and shape for their confirmation.













Final rug made on approval of CAD sent to customer.


Pet Spear - Final CAD.jpg
Pet Spear - Final rug.JPG
ikat rug - Buyers Photo.jpg


Custom Color Rug

Akara Original Reference - Handknotted Aarti













Customer wanted the rug to be made in Akara design with their custom color. Reference for color sent by customer.


Original Akara Reference.jpg

Final rug made as per given custom color in Akara design.


Final Rug (2).JPG
Final Rug (1).JPG
Buyer's reference.jpg


Custom Fiber & Custom Color Rug

Original Akara Design.jpg
Specifications and yarns from buyer - Co

Akara Original Reference - NR - 22008












Customer wanted the rug to be made as per their requirement of yarn and also in their custom color. Specifications and yarns sent by customer to Akara.


Strike Off made as per customer's requirement for fiber & color and sent it for approval.


Final rug made by Akara on approval of strike off.

Final Rug - Full.JPG
Final Rug - Close up.JPG
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