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  • How long have you been in business?
    The company was founded in 1996.
  • What tradeshows / fairs do you show at?
    We have been exhibiting at Heimtextil, Frankfurt since 2004 and at Domotex, Hannover since 2016. In the US we have a permanent showroom at Highpoint Market (Showplace#3400), since 2013, and at Las Vegas Market (C-368) since 2018.
  • Who do you work with?
    Since we are a manufacturer, we have a good grip over various production activities like raw-material procurement, dyeing and weaving. Due to this, we are able to service a wide range of customers - multinational retailers and wholesalers, retail chains, boutique-store owners, rug dealers, interior designers, architects, project developers. We are a trade-only company. We work only with trade-professionals. We don’t work with / sell directly to end-consumers.
  • How to create a trade account?
    You can create your account on the website. Once the account is created, we will verify that you are a business / trade professional and not an end-consumer and will approve the account within a day. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can guide you through the process.
  • Where can we view the product range?
    The best place to view the product range would be at one of our exhibitions - Highpoint, Las Vegas Market, Heimtextil - Frankfurt, Domotex - Hannover. Other than that, we have uploaded many designs on the website, which can be viewed once your account is created and approved.
  • Do you have a brochure?
    We have over 1000 designs across various fibers like Wool, Jute, Hemp, Seagrass, Cotton, PET (Indoor-Outdoor), Bamboo Silk, Banana Silk, Pure Silk, Hair-on-hide in a variety of techniques like handwoven flat weave, handtufted cut pile / loop pile, handknotted. Throughout the year we add new designs to our range, and hence it is impossible to have a single brochure with all the details. We have uploaded many designs on the website and can always send more design images on email based on your project requirements.
  • What aspects of the rug can be customized?
    Everything – size, color, design, shape, side finishing, backing. You can pick one of our designs and order it in any size and specify a Benjamin moore / pantone reference for the color. We can even pick the colors from fabrics that you can send to us. You can give us a dimensional drawing with cut-outs / rounded edges / irregular sides, slanted edges, cut-outs for pillars or fireplace, or just for an irregular shaped room, and we can make the rug in that shape. You can even send photos / drawings of designs that you have conceptualized, and we can bring those to life. Other than the usual loom finishes, we offer many side finishing options like cotton fabric borders, leather borders, serged edges with matching / contrast yarn.
  • Are there extra charges for customization?
    No, we don’t charge extra for any customization. Whether you order the rug in a standard size or a custom size, whether it is ordered in one of our colors, or in a custom color, whether it is a standard shape, or a rug with cut-outs – whatever the case, there is no additional charge.
  • How are custom sized rugs finished on the edges?
    All our rugs have a natural finish – 2-sde loom edge and 2-side 1” woven border. Other than the natural handwoven finish, we offer many edge finishing options like cotton fabric borders, leather borders, serged edges with matching / contrast yarn, tassels.
  • Do the rugs have seam or stitch in the middle?
    No, we can make rugs upto 20’ wide and 40’ long without any seams in the middle. These would be woven as a single large rug.
  • What are the maximum sizes possible?
    For most of our rugs, the maximum size possible is 20' in width and 40' in length. In some special cases, we have made rugs as long as 110' without any seams.
  • Do you send strike-offs, color-poms for approval?"
    Yes, we do. Depending on what is needed on a case to case basis, we send CAD, strike-off or yarn poms for approvals.
  • How do we get prices of your rugs in standard / custom sizes?
    Since we have a large product range, and all our rugs can be made in any size, we don’t have a single comprehensive price list. Once you order samples, or make selections of a few designs from our website, or during your visit to our showroom at the trade-fairs, we send the prices of those designs in a few sizes, to give you an idea about the price range of those designs. To get prices of our designs in custom sizes, you can email us or call us, and we will confirm the prices within 24 hrs, if not immediately.
  • Do you offer separate trade price / suggested retail price?
    We are a trade-only company. All our prices are to-the-trade prices. We don’t have suggested retail price. You can determine the retail price depending on your clients.
  • Do you offer bulk order discounts?
    Yes. We are a manufacturer, and hence higher the order quantity, lower the production overheads like loom set up costs, dyeing charges, transportation charges. For instance, if your order is over 1000 Sq. Ft in a particular design / color, in assorted sizes, then our prices reduce by almost 40%. 1000 Sq. Ft. is roughly 7 rugs in 10’ x 14’, or 5 rugs in 5’x8’ + 3 in 8’ x 10’ + 3 in 9’x12’ and 2 in 10’ x 14’, or any such combination of sizes.
  • Are there any minimums?
    No, we don’t have any minimum order quantity, or minimum order value. You can order 1 rug or 1 6”x6” sample. We don’t believe in procuring orders by forcing people to place orders above a certain minimum. Of course, if you place orders with larger quantity or larger value, our prices improve significantly, as our production costs and shipping expenses reduce.
  • How to select / order samples?
    You can visit us at our trade-fairs to make a selection from our display samples. Or you can browse from the designs uploaded on the website and select the designs and colors that you like. If you are selecting from the website, you can send screenshots of your selections or send a list of the design and color names that you like, on email / phone.
  • How to place rug orders?
    You can either send a formal PO on email, or let us know the order details – design, color, size, billing & Shipping address on email / phone.
  • How are the rugs shipped?
    All our rugs are shipped from Mumbai, India. All shipments are door-door, we handle all aspects of the shipment including documentation, custom clearance in the US, duty payment. You will not have to be involved in any aspect of the shipment. We have a global contract with UPS and DHL for air shipments as well as sea shipments. Depending on the size of the rug, and quantity, you can chose air / sea shipment mode.
  • Can you ship 1 rug, or 1 small strike-off by itself?"
    Yes, we can ship a 6" x 6" sample or a 5'x8' rug, by itself. We don't have to wait for a larger order to consolidate. All our rugs are shipped individually depending on your order.
  • Can you dropship?
    Yes. We can deliver to any location – residential, commercial, warehouse, project-site, hotel.
  • What is the transit time?
    For air shipments it is 8-10 days, and for sea shipments it is 6 weeks.
  • Can we have the samples and rugs private labelled?
    Yes, you can. We are a factory, and we don’t put our branding on all samples and rugs that we sell. We have worked with wholesalers, distributors, stores, designers, who want their own branding on the samples as well as the rugs. We can prepare the artworks based on your logos and also handle the printing of labels, tags, stickers. There is no additional charge for this.
  • Are there any minimum order value for private label?
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